My first gay experience

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My first gay experience

I came walking out of the bathroom all dressed up in a sexy low cut blouse with a sexy black bra underneath and a short /tight/tight-skirt/">tight skirt that shows off my ass and a black /thong/">thong. Your sitting on the bed with some /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn in the background. I walk up to you and you take your hands and rub them down the back of the blouse and down to my ass where you firmly grab my ass cheeks. 

I kneel in between your legs and take off your shirt and start sucking on your nipples, softly biting them. I work my way down your stomach and slowly take off your pants. I free your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock from your boxers. MMMM nice and hard. I take it in my hands and slowly lick it up and down. I then suck on your balls, taking one at a time in my mouth. I get down farther and lick your /asshole/">asshole, sticking my tounge in as far as it will go. I then work my way back up and take your cock all of the way in my mouth. MMMM I love the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth, why had I not done this before? 

I move my head up and down faster and faster. You are moving your hips up and down in time with me. I can start feeling your cock get nice and hard, and you start telling me you are going to cum. Most of your sperm goes down my throat, but some falls down my chest and between my chest. 

Behind us on the TV one butch guy is getting ready to alain lyle porn stick his extremely /cock/large-cock/">large cock in another guys ass. That looks nice.

We both stand up and you start to indian santali xvideo take off the blouse I am wearing and slowly slip off the bra. You startsucking on my nipples, you take them between your fingers and roll them. I am moaning in ectasy. You move down and lift the skirt up around my waist and take a look at my rock hard cock. The head is sticking up above the waist band on the thong, a little bit of precum is sitting on top. You take your finger and wipe it off and put that finger to your lips. You take your finger into your mout and lick it off. You pull the thong off and my dick is finally free. 

You push me onto the bed and start to lick my dick, up and down up and down. You suck on each of my shaved balls. You spread my legs farther apart and lick down between them and start licking my asshole. I am shaved all the way from my balls to my asshole and I can tell you enjoy that very much. You start sticking your tounge in my asstwirling it around. Then you move back up and suck on my balls then start licking my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. The feeling is almost more than I can bear. Finally after what felt like ages you start sucking on my dick. You are rubbing on my balls and I feel you running your hand down to my ass, and you slowly start inserting your finger in. After you get that one in, you go for two more. That is much more than I can bear. And I /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard into your mouth.

We both lay on the bed resting up. We are watching the guys on the TV sucking and fucking. Pretty soon, we are both up after a little coaxing. I again get down in between your legs and give you a littl extra encouragement to get up. Once you are up and nice and hard, I get on my hands and knees facing away from you. You slick up your hard dick and slick up my asshole also and insert a couple of fingers to make sure I am ready. You come up behind me and slowly start inserting yourself inside of me. Slowly you go in and out, getting more in eachtime. I am moaning each time. 

Finally you are all of the way in and you stop and let me get used to having your hard dick all of the way in my ass. I let you know that I am ready by rubbing your balls. As you start moving in and out, you reach around and grab my dick. I got so hard while you were pushing in and out of me. Unfortunately the combination of you inside of me and you stroking my dick I cum too quickly. You, luckily for me, last forever. 

I am moaning loudly as you quicken your pace. Next thing I know I feel your dick getting bigger and your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum going up my ass. I wish this would never end. You stay in as long as possible, but you eventuallyfall out. We will definitely have to do this again sometime.