A Girls First Time 2

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
A Girls First Time 2

After her experiences with her /sister/">sister and friends, 18-year-old Kylie found herself masturbating all the time and even while at school. She couldn’t stop thinking about the day that her sister and friend taught her how to masturbate and how to have sex. The more she thought about it, the more she thought about doing it again, and this gave her an idea. The next day at school Kylie asked her friends Jo and Jason if they would like to go over to her place that night and watch movies. Both Jo and Jason agreed and that got Kylie excited because movies wasn’t all she had in mind for that night.

That evening Jason and Jo arrived and they began watching a movie. While the movie was on Kylie thought about how she wanted to have sex with both Jason and Jo and had an idea. As the movie ended, Kylie lifted up her shirt and exposed her 36DD tits to her friends and said, ’Do you think my tits are too big?’ Both Jason and Jo sat in amazement at Kylie’s beautiful tits. Then Jo said, ’they are not too big, I wish mine were that big’. Kylie then asked, ’How big are they’ and Jo said, ’I’ll show you’. Kylie was getting wet between her legs because she knew her idea was working as Jo took her tank top off and unclipped her bra showing off her very perky 34B tits. Meanwhile Jason was trying to keep himself composed as his 2 best friends were topless in front of him, but nothing he could do could hide the tent poking through his shorts, and soon Kylie noticed this and said ’are our tits turning you on?’ Jason knew there was no point denying it and replied, ’What do you think?’ This made Kylie even more excited and said, ’I need to get myself off’ and with that pulled down her shorts and panties and revealed her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy to her friends.

Kylie then opened her legs and started rubbing her pussy. Jason couldn’t contain himself any longer and pulled down his pants and boxers and let his 7-inch dick out and started pumping his /cock/big-cock/">big cock as hard as he could, while Jo just played with her tits. It wasn’t long before both Kylie and Jason exploded into orgasm with Kylies juices spraying all over Jo and Jason’s cum shooting all over Kylies tits. Kylie then went over and grabbed Jason’s cock and started sucking on it. The sight of this made Jo rip her skirt and panties off and rubbed her glistening shaven pussy as hard and fast as she could. Kylie just kept on sucking and yelled to Jason ’I want you’re /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth’. That was enough for Jason who immediately shot his second load of the night into Kylie’s mouth. As Kylie and Jason both calmed down they looked over to Jo who was fast approaching orgasm and sprayed her juices all over Kylies /tits/big-tits/">big tits.

Kylie then lay down and Jason started to eat out her pussy. Kylie then yelled out to Jo and told her to lower herself over her mouth. Jo got excited as her pussy began to be eaten out for the /first-time/">first time and it wasn’t longer to her juices began spraying into Kylies mouth. Kylie was shocked at how quick Jo had cum; meanwhile Jo went straight over to Jason’s cock and began giving him a handjob while he was still eating Kylie out. Soon Kylie was screaming as her juices flowed out from her pussy. Kylie then grabbed Jason by his cock and lowered him over her 36DD tits, and slid his cock between her tits. Jason couldn’t believe how blowjob porn videos great the feeling as his cock went between Kylie’s tits. Meanwhile Jo got to Kylies pussy and began eating her out. Although this was the first time Jo had done this, she still did a good job and Kylie was soon screaming as her hairy pussy received more attention.

Soon Jason reached his /climax/">climax and shot his load of cum all over Kylies face while simultaneously, Kylie sprayed her juices over Jo’s face. Kylie wanted Jason’s cock in her and pushed Jason to the floor and lowered herself onto his virgin cock. Jason couldn’t believe how great the feeling was as his 7 inch cock slid into Kylies pussy. Kylie then began bouncing up and down on his cock screaming as she approached another orgasm. Meanwhile, Jo was being eaten out by Jason as he pounded his cock into Kylie. Soon all three of them cum together with teenage juices spraying all over the place.

Kylie then said ’Jo, its time for you to have a cock inside you’. Although a little nervous, Jo layed down milf porn videos and spread her legs as Jason approached her pussy and began to slide it in. Jo yelled in pain as Jason’s big cock slid in, but soon the pain was replaced by pleasure as Jason began to slide his cock in and out of Jo’s /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy faster and faster. Kylie was enjoying the sight as she pounded her own hairy pussy with a dildo. Soon Jo was approaching another orgasm as her juices began squirting out while Jason filled her pussy up with a load of his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. The sight of her friends cumming together was enough to send Kylie over the edge as she had yet another orgasm and squirted her juices over Jo and Jason.

They then all feel asleep together as Kylie reflected on another sexual adventure.