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saftey net what safety net

I could hear my wife's voice over the foul-mouthed customer I had been given by the telemarketing firm I work for. Jenny was on her way to work and through my headset I heard her say, ”Don't forget Dan, I'm going out, with Tina tonight. We”re going out directly from work. Your mom will pick up the kids after school.”

I cleared my throat and asked, ”Where are you going?”

She yelled over her shoulder, ”We'll probably see a movie or something.”

I was thankful that it was Friday and my shift was ending. After hearing the outrageous swearing end and a loud clunk crack in my ear I made the kid's breakfast and after dropping them at school I came back home showered and caught a little shut eye.

A cup of coffee was first free porn movies download on the to-do list after waking, next I opened the mail, after the usual solicitations for various items and services, I came across an invitation to a pre-wedding stag party. An old friend of mine; Thom was getting married and bachelor party was scheduled for the Friday, a week from the wedding” oh”! my god that's today!

I hadn't seen Thom in a while; shit his parties in college were wild beyond description to be mild. I am looking forward to 'this”!” party. With Jenny out tonight with her friend Tina; the timing couldn't be better, I need to find someone to watch the kids. I'll call mom, she'll agree to keep the kids maybe even overnight. ”Mom,” always there, ready to help; hell since it was Friday she even agreed to keep them into the afternoon as she put it, ”just in case you two are hung over.” With that settled I began to imagine what this bachelor party might be like, a wild character like Thom I expect that he will have a pretty wild bachelor party planed.

The rest of the day went slowly as I was asked by a fellow telemarketer to stand in for him but I was able to knock off earlier then I thought because he returned earlier than he planned, so I could grab a quick bite at a local burger joint. Tom's party was to start at seven and if I was fast I could get there in time, as I did not want to miss a second. 

The traffic was not cooperating I recognized the address on the invitation so I knew I was okay time wise. I knew the place was in an affluent neighborhood and yes”! Finally” I pulled up in front of the house the place was huge. I wondered about the company Thom was keeping these days. A man, who introduced himself as John Waters, greeted me at the door; I found out later he was Thom's boss. 

He showed me to a large room that served as an entertainment center. There was a well-stocked bar and bar tender on one wall, a big screen TV nearly covered another wall with some kind of nastiness being screened and plenty of comfortable sofas, over stuffed chairs and tables spread around. At the far end of the room was a stage, and loud rock and roll coming from the stereo speakers on both sides.

John introduced me to about ten guys and I immediately forgot their names. I congratulated Thom and we chatted for several minutes. My curiosity got the best of me so I asked Thom what was planned for the evening.

”I”d tell you but then I would have to kill you!” He replied just barely finishing before busting a gut with a roaring laugh. He added when he settled down, ”I heard some exotic dancers have been called in to do a strip tease and give us a little one on one girl action and well heck I garenteee you will love it so stick around, it is going to start after Jeff gets back.

It seemed that we spent an hour, drinking and bullshitting. At eight, Jeff left, to pick up the strippers from a local topless club. I got the idea that they would be doing more than stripping. I spent the next hour getting acquainted. We had a good time, watching porn flicks. Nobody let on, but I figured everybody was tuned up for the live show, that was about to start. Jeff had been gone for over a half-hour. I began to wonder if the strippers were going to show up. The beer was doing a number on my bladder, I excused myself, and went down the hall to the bathroom. While pissing, I heard the unmistakable sound of females giggling in the hallway; the strippers had arrived. I left the bathroom, and headed back to the party, I had a strange feeling that I had heard that giggle before. The reason became clear as I rounded the corner at the entrance to the big room. I stopped in the doorway and looked, 'mouth gaping” at Jenny and her friend; two of the sexiest, beautiful women I had ever seen. 

They were both, average in height, 5'5". One had long blond hair; and the other had long shaggy jet-black hair, they both had blue eyes, and they had identical killer figures, 37D-23-34, I know the measurements for sure because, the blonde is my wife. 

Jenny and her brunette friend Tina were just getting warmed up. Jenny and her friend did not see me standing in the doorway. They were too busy with all the attention the guys were giving them. The loud wolf whistles and howls and the slobbery yahoos made me drift back to my high school football days and how the cheer leaders would bang us in the locker room even before we took our showers.

I was dazzled; by the outfit Jenny had on it looked like her tits were going to explode out of her top. It was a one-piece black mini-dress. Her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts were held in place by halter-like top. The spaghetti strap around her neck and back held the two undersized cups in place over her nipples they barely hid her large areolas. The back of the dress was opened to the small of her back. The skirt was just long enough to cover the crack of her ass but not the thin treasure trails of hair that crept down her inner thighs. The material was stretchy and very sheer and her satin blond hairs could still be seen. I bet the whole outfit could fit in her pocket. Tina was wearing the same dress only in white. 

One of the fellows shouted, ”God damn it the chick has more hair than I do!”

Every one howled even louder; they were right Tina hated shaving I gathered from the phone talk I over heard, and now I could see just how hairy she was. She could definitely make it into the scary hairy category and most likely take the cake. God her treasure trails were thick and ended just above her knees. Tina's hair ran half way up her spine. She shaved her very hairy calves for the show; I heard some one in the background say, ”I bet that cost.” He sounded like he knew Tina from some where else.

I was thirstily staring at her hairy crotch trying to burn a hole through that sheer dress even though I didn't have to.

And then the same guy shouted, ”You were suppose to wear the same dresses!”

”They are the same you silly boy” Can't you tell; Howeverrr”!” She said in a very saucy voice and with an impish gleam on her face added, ”I'm wearing white and Jenny is wearing black. I'm the /good/good-girl/">good girl and she's the ”baaadah”!” girl.” And Tina tugged their short dresses up just enough to tease the riotous crowd and show that they weren't wearing panties. Jenny's innocent expression turned to a shocking deviously wet smile. I was seeing a side of my wife I hadn't seen but sheee was very familiar with it as flabbergasted as I was I was still being swept away into the thrill of the moment. 

Thom asked, ”How bad, is she?”

Flapping her skirt Jenny sneered, ”I am baaadah”!”

Thom continued, ”Well, let's see you prove it.”

The crowd exploded into riotous chanting, ”Take it off take it off all off!” over and over then the house shuttered as they all started stamping their feet chanting, ”Strip” Strip.” It was then that a jazzy drum sounded followed by a low slow blow of the trombone and bluesy guitar and the show was on. I mean shit it wasn't like they had a lot of clothes on to start with. Well just as Thom promised I was surprised the music wasn't for the strip show it was for the erotic dancing. When the dance started the mobbing hoard was quieted as if they had been shot with a tranq gun; and soon we were getting our girl on girl show as promised. Jesus when Jenny started French kissing Tina my dick got so hard it ached; I could feel my precum sliding down my leg. 

This was the first time I had watched two women having sex. After they slipped each other's flimsy dresses off they both licked and kissed their way to each other's pussy. The room filled with Jenny's unmistakable scent when she started gasping and I knew that she was climaxing. I knew it was real because of the red hue her skin gets before during and after an orgasm. It was then a loud fanfare from the band sounded followed by rim shots from the drum as a black satin bag bounced onto the stage followed by a white satin bag with yet another rim shot, and the long slow bluesy music started playing again and some bluesy rendition of ”Mama has a Brand New Bag.”

I was having so much trouble fighting off the urge to jackoff; I can't remember the last time I was this worked up. Jenny and I have great sex; at least I think she likes what I do. I know I sure like what she does to me, and there is no doubt that she loves me but my god how is it that I did not know of this part of her life. Shit I hope the guys can't see how wet my pant leg is; of course I'm sure that I am not the only one with a wet pant leg, hell the whole room is filled with the musky scent of both /female/male-female/male-and-female/">male and female arousal.

Oh the girls are really teasing us now looking into their bags and rolling their eyes. Taking turns looking into each other's bag and ”really”!” rolling their eyes in obvious mock amazement finely they rub their fannies together.

”Are you really a baaad little girl Jenny?” Tina sang in an exaggerated southern drawl. The music softened as Penny replied.

”Oh yes mama I have been a very baaadah little girl do you want to punish me mama?” She replied in a little girl's voice holding her pigtails and flailing them at Tina as her bag hit the floor, and shaking her sweet bare ass at the rest of us. 

”Come here baaad little girl and kiss each of my toes.” Tina sang still using her drawl the music was just barely auditable as Penny slinked to the floor and snaked her way to Tina's feet and started kissing and licking her toes.

Tina squinted her eyes and smiled at the audience wriggling her hairy bottom singing, ”Eeewwah”! That feels really nice you nasty little girl, lookie here see what I have for you!”

Jenny looked up just as Tina put her hand in the bag and let the white bag drop; low and behold there it was one big black strap-on dildo I”ve never seen one in person as it were; only in pictures. This one looked flaccid as Tina flailed in Jenny's face, a good eighteen inches long and at least one and a half inches thick.

”That one don't loook very hard or big mama.” Jenny mocked.

In Tina's other hand was a cordless remote control as Tina moved the levers with her tits it started making a loud buzzing noise that could be heard over the riotous crowd causing them all to quiet and watch the dildo wriggle like a worm on a hook and with a flick of her finger the buzzing grew much louder and we all could see it vibrating so hard it shook Tina's hand.

”Oh god mama”! Put it in me”! Please mama stuff that there thing in me! Please mama be quick!” Jenny pleaded. It was hard to tell if she was acting or if she really wanted it in her. 

Tina coyly ordered, ”Come here and kiss it.” and Jenny kissed the tip then Tina rubbed it on her pussy lubing it with her creamy juices and ordered, ”Open up!” As she bounced the tip on Jenny's nose.

As she opened her mouth Tina slid the full eighteen inches down Jenny's throat. I just blinked my eyes and my mouth gaped as it slipped all the way in till it's fake balls bounced on her chin. 

The crowd gasped and roared, ”Pump her hard pump her hard reeeal hard!” like they were cheering for the football team. I found myself chanting with them and just as loud; I was in a frenzied sweat just like the rest of them.

Tina waving the remote in the air as she pistoned the dildo deep in Jenny's throat asked, ”Which of you mennah”! Have a jones for working a remote?” 

They all shouted jumping up and down ”Me! I do! Let me! I want to! Finely they quieted as they waited for Tina to toss it into the group.

”Are you ready to get your pussy fucked you nasty little girl?” Tina teased as she pumped the toy in Jenny's mouth and finely pulling it out giving her a chance to breathe but only a few labored raspy breaths. ”Now strap me in you nasty girl!” Tina ordered.

When she started fastening the buckled straps onto Tina she turned Jenny's fanny toward the audience god she was so wet her hairs looked like a glazed donut with her bright red labia fanned wide open and her clitoris pointed straight out her vagina was dilated even from where I was I could see inside her. With a snap and pop Penny tightened the straps firmly fastening the toy to Tina with the dildo still down her throat. Tina gave a few long fast experimental thrusts into Penny's throat.

”Okay baby down onto all fours.” Tina coaxed as she threw the remote into the crowd, moved behind Jenny, and teased her pussy with a few short pokes.

”Don't tease me mama push it in push it in.” Jenny loudly protested.

”What's the magic word you nasty girl?” Tina pried.

”Oh please mama push it pleeease”!” Jenny begged.

About then who ever had the remote turned the vibrator on high, it was loud enough for all to hear, and then it faded as Tina buried it deep inside my wife's pussy. The buzzing vacillated from loud to quiet fading in and out as it's length was pistoned inside her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Soon a loud wet sloshing sound could be heard and Jenny started gasping for air as she climaxed, and for a few minutes the two of them sat motionless as they caught their breath; even the riotous mob had been quieted only the music playing quietly in the back ground could be heard.

Jenny was the first to speak saying, ”Oh mama you made that feeel really goood!” and asking, ”You want to see what I have in my silky black bag?”

”I surely do honey. What do you have in that shiny black bag?” Tina asked in a sultry tone.

Jenny pulled out a white three-foot double-ended dildo that had to be at least two inches around, put one end in her mouth and teasingly flailed the other end at Tina. full hd xvideo download She slinked down to the floor of the stage turned her hairy bottom to the crowd and snaked her way to Jenny's feet where the other end was dangling. 

I couldn't believe my eyes her jet black pubic hairs had been braided into four two inch braids two on each side of her purple labia now so swollen they looked like ripe fruit dangling from her huge clitoris with it's bright red head poking out from under the thick meaty clitoral hood. Tina loudly slurped the tip of the dildo into her mouth and started slinking up Jenny's legs; as she climbed up her tongue eagerly slathered its wetness on Jenny's thighs and the toy vanished down her throat. It was incredible watching Tina's long tongue slithering around my wife's clitoris with that huge toy sliding down her throat; soon they were at each other's lips in a very passionate embrace and kiss and the toy was still inside Tina's throat.