Broken Fantasy Part 4

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Broken Fantasy Part 4

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains
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Broken Fantasy (M/F, Intr, Cuck, Voyeur, Anal, Blkml, Preg)

by Bob Fuzzy

Chapter 4

"Bob, you know he hurt Sarah. You know he forced her to have his
baby. That baby should have been your baby."

"He made your wife get /pregnant/">pregnant. He took away your right as a
husband. He used your wife. Dante is an evil thing. He does
not even deserve to be called a man."

Teri was forced to have his child too. Its the same thing he did
to that he did to Sarah. Patrick should have been your biological
child. Your wife was raped by an evil thing. It was not an act of
love. You deserved better. He used Sarah and threw her away along
with the child they conceived."

I told Bob we had to do something about this. I told him Dante had to
die. Bob was not sure. But I said what happens if he does this to
Sarah again or what happens if he puts the videos he made on the

I told him I knew there was a lot of risk to killing someone. But
Dante deserved to die. He was probably doing this to a lot of other
women and someone had to stop him. If we thought it through together
we could come up with a plan and give the bastard what he deserves.

Eventually Bob agreed with me. Dante had to die and we were gonna
make it happen.

We got together almost every day for lunch and talked after work when
time allowed. Eventually we came up with a plan that we thought
would work.

The first step was to get rid of as much evidence about our motive as
possible. We could not get rid of "our" children. But we had to get
rid of any video evidence Dante had.

We decided that we had to break into Dantes house and steal or wipe
out every piece of evidence we could find. To do that we would need
a long time alone in the house.

We decided that if we both went out on a consult in the local area,
one of us could slip away and do the break in while to other covered.
We consult on automated manufacturing systems. We both used to be
developers and provide technical support for our companies products.
Now we were the experts who worked on projects for new
implementations, updates, and repairs.

Bob had a regular client in the local area and since I was new to the
consulting group he got our boss to send me on an all day consult
with him to the site. The boss thought it was his idea. At least
thats how he presented it to me after Bob had suggested it.

The site was in the big City about 45 minutes from where we worked
and lived. So I drove Bob and I first thing in the morning to the
site. I took an extra laptop with me. I parked on the street as I
did not want any record of when I arrived or left.

We went inside the plant and met the operations team. This was a
hands off consultation. Bob was to work from the operations center
at one end of this huge warehouse. He was to install the upgrade.
Most of the workers in that building were sent to work in other
buildings as we had control of the production line and were scheduled
to have it down all morning.

I went down to the production line and was supposed to report back to
Bob via cell phone as we tested the upgrades we were installing.

These patches were relatively minor. But Bob had told the plant
operators that they were important upgrades for plant operations and
system efficiencies. These guys were not very technical so they
just let us do our work and did not even monitor what we were doing.

I went down to the production line and setup a laptop with a web cam
so I could monitor the test. Then Bob took control of the systems
and we setup our own vpn network to link in my second laptop and Bob
from the control room. I then snuck out a side door and headed to the

Bob and I were talking on the cell phones as though I were there. We
even called our companys tech support group for a bogus technical
issue. It would have been great if Dante had taken the call. But it
was Ted. We both talked to Ted and we got the "problem" resolved

In the meantime I had driven to Dantes house which was on a street
on the outskirts of the town we lived in. There was only two other
houses on the block. It was sort of a newer development. But one
they had stopped building when the economy tanked. So there were
some nice tree lined streets and Dantes house had a fenced in back

There were no houses in the next block. So I drove around the corner
and down the street from Dantes house and walked back. I used a
crowbar to pry open a side window and got in. Fortunately, Dante had
no alarm system.

I went through his entire house and found every tape, disk, computer,
TV, stereo, and whatever else I could. I made several trips hauling
it all to my SUV.

Before I took his computer I turned it on. He had no login
protection so I opened up Internet Explorer and checked his

One site was labeled Dantes Pride. It was a site Dante had setup.
It was password protected but Dantes ID was cached and Explorer had
his password saved. His ID was [email protected]. On
the site were pictures of over 50 black babies including both Bobs
and my own children.

This was an online archive of pictures of the children he had
fathered. As the site manager I was able to replace the photo files.
I used pictures of cartoon characters using the same file names he
had used. I did not want to just delete the site in case he had a
backup. I was hoping he would not check the site and the new pictures
would over write the old ones.

I connected to all of his other favorites too. Most of the sites were
porn involving interacial or impregnation subjects. I thought
about accessing a bunch of child porn and framing the bastard. But
that was not our plan. So I packed up the computer and took it back
to my car.

I had used gloves for the break in. But I still went back and wiped
down everything I might have touched with cleaner and a rag from his
house. I also vacuumed where I had walked and took the vacuum white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie cleaner
bag. I had also taken his big screen TV, his cameras, and almost
every other piece of electronics he had except his big appliances. I
was not careful with his stuff as I planned on destroying it.

I had found two big boxes of DVDs in a bedroom closet and another
full of mini DV cassettes. I had found several USB drives and a
couple hard drives. He had another server with wireless router and
a laptop besides the desktop in his office.

I took it all. I even poked holes in his ceiling and looked around
to see if he had anything hidden. I wanted to look in the crawl space
under the house.

I made sure there were no spy cams. I even took a reading on an
electromagnetic meter to see if Dante had any surprises hidden
anywhere. I was surprised that for a technical guy his security was
so lax. But then again, we did live in the suburbs.

So I took off back to the plant. I parked on the street again and
met Bob at a restaurant close by where we had planned to meet. I had
been gone for three hours. I talked with Bob regularly about the
testing on the cell phone and really focused as I returned to create
the impression I was there watching what was happening on the
assembly line instead of driving back and glancing at my laptop to
see what was going on.

After Bob and I went back up to the Operations Center like we were
returning from lunch although we only had coffee. We said we were
about done. I went down and picked up the gear I had left on the
assembly line and we headed back to our office.

On our way home we took a detour out to an old shop Bob knew about
in the country. His dad owned the property. He used to work on
tractors there before he retired.

There was a lot of tools there including some sledge hammers and a
working trash compactor. Bob and I busted up all of Dantes
electronic gear as quickly as we could with the sledge hammers
and we cut up the metal cases into small pieces with some power saws
and grinders. We separated everything that had a number on it and
used a blow torch to burn or melt the numbers away. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv

We compacted everything. We did not destroy the cassettes or the
DVDs. We had decided we needed to find out what was on them. We
put the crushed parts in sacks and took them to the very back of
the property where we dug deep holes and buried them.

We then went back to work. The stop at the shop took about an hour
and a half. We told our boss we had stopped for lunch on the way

I had parked my car next to Bobs in the employee lot. When we left
work we drove to another lot where we split up the boxes of tapes and
DVDs. Since there were so many we thought it would take less time
if we watched them separately. We wanted to make sure there were no
surprises on them and Bob wanted to know what had happened to Sarah
the weekend she was with Dante.

My office was now a nursery. It took Bob and I several weeks to go
through the videos when our wives were not around. I mostly fast
forwarded through them.

I was amazed at the number of women Dante had been with and filmed.
He had a pattern of starting out very romantic with a woman. He would
talk them into unprotected sex. He used whatever it took to get what
he wanted. In many cases it looked to me like rape.

But that was usually after he had consensual sex with the woman usual
wearing a condom. In other cases the women volunteered to have
unprotected sex.